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Power Word Real Name: Upping Your Game with Names and Titles with Cat Rambo

Your character usually has more than one name, using nicknames, aliases, titles, and more. How can you use this to flesh out both your world and your character, and how can your title take your fiction even further? Join Cat … Continue reading

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The First Novel Draft Blues with Cat Rambo

You’ve got a first draft of your novel now, in all its messy glory. How do you go about revising it and getting it to the point where you’re ready to give it to your beta readers? How do you … Continue reading

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Book Promotion on a Budget: Social Isolation Edition with Catherine Lundoff

Got a new book coming out? Or one that’s been out for a while that needs a little extra love? Chances are that if you’re an author doing any of your own promotion, you’re dealing with one or both of … Continue reading

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Masks & Mayhem: How To Write Superheroes with Carrie Vaughn

Superheroes are everywhere, bursting from their comic book origins to dominate movies, TV, and even novels. Have an idea for a superhero story of your own? We’ll talk about developing superpowered characters, superheroic worldbuilding, and how to bring it all … Continue reading

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Mapping the Labyrinth: Plotting Your Novel with Kay Kenyon

An outline is one of your best tools for writing a novel, but how do you figure what happens, when, where, and to whom? How do you deal with plots when they go astray and how do you weave multiple … Continue reading

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Literary Techniques for Genre Fiction Writers with Cat Rambo

This class combines lecture, discussion and in-class writing exercises designed to introduce a number of techniques to use in your own writing such as foreshadowing, alliteration, rhythmic device, allusion, etc, and ways to test them out in short fiction as … Continue reading

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Head Hopping and Head Hunting: Deep Point of View Writing with Tracy Townsend

Writers are often encouraged to focus on developing their voice, much of which comes from how they approach point of view in their work. In this class, you’ll work with Tracy Townsend, author of the Thieves of Fate series from … Continue reading

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Historical Research for Writers with Kate Heartfield

Class details still to come, but save the date! Instructor: Kate Heartfield Limited enrollment (15); scholarships available.

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Dunking the Reader in the Details with Cat Rambo

How do you create a world that feels immersive to your reader without drowning them in description? What details should be included—and what should be left out? Cat Rambo gives you twelve tools to use for creating immersive worlds, along … Continue reading

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Character Building Workshop with Cat Rambo

Learn how to create interesting, rounded characters that your readers can identify with, whether hero or villain. We’ll cover how to write convincing interesting dialogue as well as how to flesh out a character so they come alive and help … Continue reading

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