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Poetic Techniques for Fiction Writers with Rachel Swirsky

Everyone talks about the writers’ toolbox, but how do you go about actually filling it? Poetry provides plenty of techniques applicable to prose that will help make it both more beautiful and more effective. Some of the things we’ll cover … Continue reading

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Pitches and Synopses with Jennifer Brozek

What needs to go into a book synopsis, and what should stay out? How long should a synopsis be? Does it need to include the ending or should it finish with a hook that intrigues the reader? What are the … Continue reading

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Fantastic Worldbuilding with Fran Wilde

Learn how to build worlds that bedazzle and entertain — but that are still logically consistent and believable. How do you create atmosphere — both literal and figurative — as well as the details that make your world a fantastic … Continue reading

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Detail and Imagery with Rachel Swirsky

Develop your characters and plots more richly by incorporating details and imagery that give them breath and life. This course is heavy on writing exercises. Join Rachel Swirsky for an online workshop. Limited enrollment (15); scholarships available. See class details here for more … Continue reading

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Hooray for Evil: Fearsome Monsters and Effective Villains with Evan J. Peterson

What scares you? It’s a challenge to create original and believable monsters and villains. Monsterologist Evan J. Peterson will take students through a course in creating fearsome characters and beasts. Tap into what disturbs you and use that to flesh out … Continue reading

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Book Promotion on a Budget with Catherine Lundoff

Got a new book coming out? Or one that’s been out for a while that needs a little extra love? Chances are that if you’re an author doing any of your own promotion, you’re dealing with one or both of … Continue reading

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Historical Research for Writers with Kate Heartfield

Writing in historical settings can be enormous fun, a journey to another time and place for the writer as well as the reader. But the research can also be daunting. How much is enough? How much is too much? In … Continue reading

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The Fashion of Worldbuilding: Clothes, Technology, and Taboos with Mary Robinette Kowal

Fashion is a big part of science fiction and fantasy where clothes create a sense of settings and cultures. Since fashion is inextricably linked to both wealth and taboos, it can be an exciting way to develop the world of … Continue reading

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Make Your Fiction Sing: Songwriting Techniques that Carry Into Prose with Sarah Pinsker

Rhythm, sound, emotion—so many techniques span the arts. You don’t need to have a musical bone in your body to learn how the building blocks of songwriting can help you tighten and elevate your stories. Come discover how to make … Continue reading

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Writing Interactive Fiction with Kate Heartfield

If you’ve ever found yourself choosing between possible endings or plot twists, why not try a storytelling format that lets you explore them all? Games and interactive fiction invite the reader to join in the storytelling process, and invite the … Continue reading

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