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Christmas in Narnia: Creating Traditions for Fictional Cultures with Evan J. Peterson

Every human culture has rituals, many of which correspond to certain times of year. When building a fictional world, tradition and ritual are essential to a complete, rich culture. Whether you’re writing about alien religions, secular cyborgs, or ancient Atlantis, this … Continue reading

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Story Structure for Novella Writers with Margaret Dunlap

You’ve written a novel, and now you’d like to tell some shorter stories in the same universe, but every time you start, it grows into a book. OR You’ve got a pile of short stories in your arsenal, and you’d … Continue reading

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Planning Your Tabletop RPG Campaign with Monica Valentinelli

Did you know the elements of campaign planning are rooted in narrative design? In this workshop, gaming veteran Monica Valentinelli introduces her “Spiderweb Method” for campaign planning and walks you through how to use it for longer story arcs. Also included is … Continue reading

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It’s Coming from Inside the House: Writing Domestic Dangers and Haunted Homes with Evan J. Peterson

Claustrophobic basements. Menacing children and malevolent in-laws. Monstrous gentrification. Domestic thrillers are particularly popular lately, but they have their roots firmly planted in Gothic literature. From the works of Bram Stoker to Shirley Jackson to Jordan Peele, nothing’s creepier than … Continue reading

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Make Your Fiction Sing: Songwriting Techniques that Carry into Prose with Sarah Pinsker

Rhythm, sound, emotion—so many techniques span the arts. You don’t need to have a musical bone in your body to learn how the building blocks of songwriting can help you tighten and elevate your stories. Come discover how to make … Continue reading

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Head Hopping and Head Hunting: Deep Point of View Writing with Tracy Townsend

Writers are often encouraged to focus on developing their voice, much of which comes from how they approach point of view in their work. In this class, you’ll work with Tracy Townsend, author of the Thieves of Fate series from … Continue reading

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Diversity Plus: East Asian Storytelling Forms and Themes with Henry Lien

Values are not universal across all cultures, and thus what a satisfying story looks like is not limited to one model either. This course examines East Asian storytelling forms and themes, including the four-act kishōtenketsu structure, which is not based … Continue reading

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Dunking the Reader in the Details: Toolsets for Creating Immersive Worlds with Cat Rambo

How do you create a world that feels immersive to your reader without drowning them in description? What details should be included — and what should be left out? Cat Rambo gives you twelve tools to use for creating immersive … Continue reading

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Moving Your Story from Idea to Finished Draft with Cat Rambo

The question isn’t how to tell a good idea from a bad one; it’s how to learn to turn any idea into a story. Come with a story idea, no matter how vague. We’ll discuss multiple ways of plotting a … Continue reading

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In Flagrante Delicto: Writing Effective Sex Scenes with Catherine Lundoff

Tired of fading to black every time your characters get intimate? Not quite sure what to do once they’re in the clinch? Want characters whose romantic moments have some spark, sizzle, and steam to them? Learn some of the building … Continue reading

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