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For Writers: Working with Twinned and Twined Storylines

When I sat down to work out the outline for my Moving from Idea to Finished Draft, I came up with almost two dozen possible starting points for writing a story, including scene, title, taking an old plot, a character, dialog, a particular device, and more. As I finished writing it, those categories shifted around a little, sometimes sliding together, other times diverging, but I did think I’d managed to exhaust the possibilities…

…only to be proven wrong, of course. A week or so ago at the Surrey International Writers Conference I was absolutely delighted when an audience member hit me with a new one that I hadn’t considered at all.
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What Class Next?

The year rockets along, this year of up and down and up and down, full of passed milestones and potholes: a first novel, other people’s cancer and dementia, the SFWA presidency (somehow both achievement and affliction all at once), old dysfunctions resurrected, and sundry fears and worries slithering around at four in the morning.

One of the bright spots has been teaching, and I’ve been enjoying taking the live classes and converting them into on-demand content.
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Character Building Workshop (Plus Win a Free Class)

The last couple of days I’ve been working at converting the live version of the Character Building Workshop to an on-demand class, in order to add that to the roster for my online on-demand school. It grew from an initial 2,000 words of notes to close to 10,000, and includes review quizzes as well as a considerably expanded list of exercises that writers can work through at their own pace.

To celebrate, I’ll be giving away some coupons for free classes – share this post and comment with the link to the post on social media and you’ll be in the drawing to get one of the following free: Literary Techniques for Genre Writers, Reading to An Audience Workshop, and Character Building Workshop for Genre Writers.
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Preparing to Move

We are preparing to move and in some ways are inadequately prepared, while in others we are more than ahead. I hadn’t unpacked a good couple of dozen boxes from the study, so those can pretty much just go straight back out (this time we’re hiring movers rather than doing it ourselves).

It’s weird prepping to move again, to hope that this time we’ll manage to achieve escape velocity. We’ve got a renter for this place, and a year’s lease on the new one, so we’ll see. Today I’ll go through cupboards, try to sort out some stuff to pitch rather than take with us, take advantage of the opportunity to declutter and cull some old and faded spices, discard dingy rags, ditch old magazines, etc.
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Several New Classes, Plus On-Demand Content

I’ve just posted the latest round of classes, October through December, and wanted to call out a couple of highlights.
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The Latest List of Classes (April/May 2015)

Okay, folks, limited sessions, but a chance for a free one! Because my time is scarce, I’ve picked my favorite classes to teach and limited it to those. In July/August, I’ll start doing extended basic and advanced workshops again. (June … Continue reading

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Video: Literary Techniques for Speculative Fiction Online Class

Here’s another video, this time for the Literary Techniques for Speculative Fiction Online Class. This is my favorite so far. Discussion and in-class writing exercises designed to introduce a number of techniques to use in your own writing such as … Continue reading

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Upcoming Classes in September/October 2013

I have openings fill in some upcoming classes, so I wanted to tout them a bit. You can find the permanent class list here.

All of the classes are taught online, using Google hangouts. For optimal experience, it’s best to have a computer with a WebCam, but in a pinch audio only capability will still allow you to participate.
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