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Fiction Reading: The Coffeemaker’s Passion

This short story about a woman and her appliance was originally published in Bull Spec.

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Fiction Reading: An Appetite for Love

This piece of flash fiction originally appeared in Sybil’s Garage Issue Five.

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Fiction Reading: Planet Crabby

This piece of flash fiction originally appeared in Asylum Magazine in 1990 and is the first piece of fiction that I published that was not in a school literary magazine or genre magazine.

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Fiction Reading Lonesome Trail

This originally appeared in Sybil’s Garage, Issue number three, Spring 2006. The piece of music referenced is Lucia Hwong’s “The Spell”.

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Flash Fiction Workshop with Cat Rambo

This workshop focuses on flash fiction, also known as short short stories. The workshop consists of a mixture of lecture, in-class writing exercises, discussion of how to turn fragments into flash, and an overview of flash fiction markets. Come prepared … Continue reading

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Live Classes for January Through March 2017

There is still room in the two live classes left this year, both happening next weekend. The first on Saturday is Linguistics for Genre Writers with Juliette Wade, at the usual 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific time. This class differs from pretty much every other one I’ve seen in that Wade doesn’t just cover linguistics and worldbuilding, but how to use the principles of linguistics to strengthen, deepen, and otherwise improve your prose. I heartily endorse it.

The second, which is also a really fun and informative class, is To Space Opera and Beyond with Ann Leckie. Technical difficulties hindered the first sessions but everything is smooth and running well now! In this class, Ann talks about space opera, its characteristics, how to handle them, and the process of writing not just a single novel but a series, while we provide writing exercises to take away and use to apply what Ann has told you. Ann is a lively and congenial teacher, funny without being snarky, and above all encouraging and inspiring. I’m really looking forward to the next class, which happens on Sunday, December 11, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific time. There is still room in that and the Saturday, January 7 class at the same time.
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