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Guest Post from Richard Dansky: The Interesting Thing About Writing For Video Games…

The second-most interesting thing about writing for video games is that odds are, the bulk of the writing that you’ll be doing will have very little to do with the “main” plot and its showier expressions. Yes, there is dialog … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Rhonda Eudaly: Writing Is Only Glamorous Until This Face Appears

Note from Cat: today’s guest blog post comes from Rhonda Eudaly. It’s the latest installment in the cavalcade of content here celebrating the upcoming release of my first novel, Beasts of Tabat. I thought long and hard about what to … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Ken Altabef: Designing a Fantasy World Around Inuit Myth

Unlike the more familiar Greco-Roman or Norse pantheons which feature vivid characters and well-defined myth cycles, the Inuit myths tend to ramble, skipping madly about with the rapid scene changes of a disjointed dream and likely to end abruptly with … Continue reading

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Guest Post: My Take on Critique Groups (C.M. Michaels)

I’m going to be experimenting with including some guest content on my blog, primarily authors talking about their books. If you’re interested in participating in that, please drop me a line. Here author C.M. Michaels talks about the necessary components of critique groups. Continue reading

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