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Guest Post from Luna Linsdsey: Putting the Mind Sciences in Science Fiction

Hard science fiction tells stories based on the hardest of hard sciences, particularly on the engineering and technological application of these sciences. If a story doesn’t have space ships, terraforming, anti-grav, robots, or semi-accurate descriptions of planetary orbits and atmospheres, … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Anne Leonard: Writing “Strong Female Characters” in a Patriarchal Secondary World Fantasy

Yes, this is another post about writing “strong female characters.” I am coming to this issue from the position of someone who likes traditional epic fantasy with pseudo-medieval (or at least pre-industrial) cultures. This is my comfort read, and it is what I like to write. This is partly because that was what I grew up on, partly because I’m enough of a romantic to still have a soft spot for heroes, and partly because I like to interrogate that social structure. For me, interesting female characters are the ones who have to face social oppression – the same social oppression I do – and who fight against it within the limitations of their own beliefs about their roles. Feminist fantasy with matriarchal or egalitarian societies isn’t as interesting to me as a writer because it avoids the very problems I want to get my teeth into – what is a woman to do when oppressed? What if she doesn’t know she’s oppressed?
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Guest Post from Everett Maroon: Becoming a Writer

Everyone always wants to know the writer’s writing origins, when for many of us we can’t recall the first time we scratched out a story. Was it a moment of inspiration, they want to know, a story we’d run across … Continue reading

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Guest Post from J.T. Gill: Cultivating Imagination – 4 Reasons Why Fantasy Makes You Smarter

Reading makes you smarter. Let’s go ahead and assert that as fact. Research actually indicates that there is a direct correlation between reading and intelligence. For that reason alone, you should be reading fantasy. Beyond that however, what’s so special … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Mercedes M. Yardley: Find Your Literary Voice

I grew up in a time where we were taught to conform. If you want to write like the Greats, then study the Greats. Creative Writing professors often told us to choose a writer we admired and then write a … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Jamie Mason: ZOMBIEDÄMMERUNG – Twilight of the Walkers

Is Canada’s fascination with zombies the death knell of undead chic? Good day, eh? And greetings from the Great White North. It’s great to be here on Cat Rambo’s blog to extoll the virtues of our great Canadian literary culture. … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Pete Sutton: On Crowdfunding North by Southwest

In 2014 The North Bristol Writers created an anthology and successfully funded it via Fundsurfer. The book is now available to buy in eBook and paperback from Tangent Books & Amazon worldwide. North by Southwest is an anthology by ten … Continue reading

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Guest Post from John Johnston III: Fictional Characters

It’s an aphorism that great fiction requires a great plot, but it also requires great characters. But what are great characters, and how do you create them? To begin with, great characters must seem real: not superheroes, not perfect, not … Continue reading

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Last Week, This Week, All Around the Town

As you may have noticed last week, we kicked off two months of interesting guest blog posts on this blog, which is part of the promotion for Beasts of Tabat, the novel I have coming out next month. Last week, … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Raven Oak: Linguistics in Fantasy—To Thee or Not to Thee

“Since your book’s technological advances place it during the Renaissance, your characters are wrong because they should be speaking like Shakespeare.” Imagine my surprise when a friend and avid fantasy reader said this to me. I can’t remember the last … Continue reading

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