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Facebook Advertising: Is It Worthwhile for Writers?

As you may know, the effectiveness of Facebook as a social media platform has recently changed for those of us who don’t usually pay for it but maintain a social media presence in order to publicize ourselves. It’s hard to find a good overview of what’s happened, but it boils down to several things.
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First Gimp Attempts

I keep saying I'll install Gimp and LEARN HOW TO USE IT this year. Heh. Anyhow, I finally did download it. Still looking to learn how to use it and suggestions for resources are quite welcome, but I thought this turned out pretty for first noodling around with photos. Continue reading

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Editing Fiction Collections

This month one work item is putting the near-sf and far-sf collections together for e-publication. This morning, I got the near one assembled in a Word doc, made a formatting pass, and added about a third of the afternotes. Here … Continue reading

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If you’re interested in writing F&SF, flash fiction, or editing

If you're interested in the writing F&SF, flash fiction, or editing class – there are some slots still open (only 2 in F&SF). http://www.kittywumpus.net/blog/2012/01/04/online-classes-and-workshops-for-2012/

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Figuring Out the Workshop

In May, I’ll be doing a one day workshop for Clarion West. Here’s my tentative description: Where The Sea Meets the Shore Genre and literary fiction often seem to be colliding with, sometimes deriding, each other. But truth be told, … Continue reading

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Social Networking _ How Much Is Not Enough?

So one of my resolutions, post-Confusion, was to be better about social networking and spreading word of my projects. Towards that end I’ve been posting scraps of the WIP on a daily basis (and plan to do so until it’s … Continue reading

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“So Glad We Had This TIme Together” Up At Apex

My story, "So Glad We Had This TIme Together," is up on Apex in an issue that includes a lot of really good stuff from Gregory Frost, Sarah Dalton, and Jim C. Hines. I hope you'll check it out! The … Continue reading

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If I did an editing class, what sorts of…

If I did an editing class, what sorts of things would people want to know? Here's some things that occur to me, but I'd like to know what else would be useful. – How magazines work and what an editor … Continue reading

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Little Gifts and Small Contentments

My phone camera was dead, so Wayne took this picture of the cool present the universe put on the car this morning for me. Isn't that beautiful?

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A Whole Mess of Kindle Reading for Under $20

Holy cow. Kindles are selling, selling, SELLING. So, uh, if you're looking for something of mine to read on your Kindle, here's some suggestions. Lightspeed Year One – For $5, you get not just two of my stories, but everything … Continue reading

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