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Guest Post: My Take on Critique Groups (C.M. Michaels)

I’m going to be experimenting with including some guest content on my blog, primarily authors talking about their books. If you’re interested in participating in that, please drop me a line. Here author C.M. Michaels talks about the necessary components of critique groups. Continue reading

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Giveaway: Near + Far Hardcover Edition, Plus Three Pieces of Jewelry

Huzzah! There’s now a hardcover edition of Near + Far, including a spiffy dust jacket designed by Tod McCoy.
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Pendant Winners!

The giveaway is over and these three people will be receiving Near + Far pendants:

Violet Bowman
Danielle Gembala
Kim Offenburger

Thank you to everyone who participated! Next week when I’m back from Baltimore Book Festival, I’ll be doing another with some of the stickers we did of the art.
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Exploring Near + Far’s Interior Art: Row 5

Last day of the giveaway! Remember that you can comment five times (one per giveaway post) in order to be entered five times in the jewelry giveaway.
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Missed A Post So I’m Extending the Giveaway Till Monday

I missed putting up Friday’s last giveaway post, and I don’t want to put it up on a weekend, so it’ll be set to go up on Monday for one last day of commenting.

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Exploring Near + Far’s Interior Art: Row 4 (Giveaway Day Four)

Day Four of the giveaway and row four of the art! This week has seen some nice press for the book, including a nice Tor.com review by Stephen Raets. If you’re looking for other places to possibly score a piece of the jewelry, try David Steffen’s blog, Far Beyond Reality, or the Goodreads giveaway for Near + Far. As always, comment here to be entered in this particular giveaway!
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Exploring Near + Far’s Interior Art: Row 3 (Giveaway Day Three)

I had to go find my last copy of the book in order to be able to look up the art this time. Tod snagged all my extras in preparation for the reading this Friday, at the University Bookstore in Seattle, at 7 pm. I’ll be reading with three terrific writers: Alma Alexander, Corry L. Lee, and Roz Kaveny.

So! Here’s day three of the giveaway. Comment to win!
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Book Launch!

Today’s the official day that Near + Far is launched upon the world. Huzzah! If you’re wondering how to buy or spread the word about the book, here’s some details.
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Exploring Near + Far’s Interior Art: Row 2 (Giveaway Day Two)

This week sees the book getting officially launched on Wednesday. This week I’ll be doing a series of five posts about the interior art. Comment on a post to be entered to win one of three pieces of Near + Far jewelry; comment on all five posts and you’ll be entered five times. Here’s the second post.
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