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Books Galore on Sale!

I’ve teamed up with some amazing fellow SFWA writers on a group promotion for this week. We’ve all dropped the price on e-books, and I hope you’ll check some of the others out!

Here’s eight books, all knocked down to $2.99 or less for this week. You’ll notice both science fiction and fantasy, as well as a range of lengths.
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Clarion West Writeathon: 2013 Edition

This year, I’m again participating in the Clarion West Writeathon. A lot of people are driving pledges with backer incentives. Here’s mine: I plan to complete one story each week. At the end of the six weeks, all backers will … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the occasion, here’s links to several of my love stories online. They might be a little dark at times…
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Books of Mars

Hey, if you’re a fellow Kindle-r, I found out today while looking that the five first five of the Mars books (aka Burroughs’ Barsoom novels) available for free in e-form, including the one the movie John Carter of Mars is … Continue reading

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The Easter Bunny Must Die, Part 18

When Emma Amme is fired from her job as a monster hunter at the Bureau of Supernatural Relations and Investigations, she ends up working for the Holiday Consortium, a mysterious group headed by Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. Her new job hunting down corporate gods is hard enough — but when she discovers there’s a traitor in the Consortium’s midst, it grows downright dangerous.

THE EASTER BUNNY MUST DIE! is an urban fantasy novel being published in installments by speculative fiction writer Cat Rambo. This installment ends Chapter Eight. Continue reading

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Snippet: Villa Encantada

Excerpt from Villa Encantada (working title), an urban fantasy short story set in Villa Encantada, a condo complex on Lake Sammamish. For those familiar with “Eagle-haunted Lake Sammamish” or “Legends of the Gone,” it’s the same complex. Continue reading

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Grandmother’s Road Trip

This story, which I’ve offered up as free online fiction, owes much of its inspiration to my actual grandmother and is faintly, ever so faintly, autobiographical. It tells the story of a cross-country trip pursued by an ominous toy. Continue reading

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10 Free Science Fiction Classics

A major joy of my new Kindle is finding free books. I figured other people might appreciate some of my finds. So here’s ten science fiction classic novels, available free online as ebooks. Continue reading

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Ever since my husband installed a Vocobox ™ in our cat in a failed experiment, he (the cat, not my husband) stands outside the closed bedroom door in the mornings, calling. The intelligence update was partially successful, but the only word the cat has learned is its own name, Raven, which he uses to convey everything. I hear him when I wake up, the sound muted by the wooden door between us.
“Raven. Raven. Raven.” Continue reading

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The Lonesome Trail

…in the saddlebags are memories of rain storms, winters, driving down roads slick with ice and the reflection of Christmas tree lights, down roads laden with pine shadows and the blood of unwary animals. Similes redolent of cinnamon and sweet amber, puns as prickly as hedgehogs, intricate words with Indo-European roots to be set, chiming, into sestinas. Continue reading

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