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New Online Classes!

I’ve just updated the class page, but I wanted to call out something new I’m trying, one hour “conversation” classes. In each of them, we’ll drill down to a specific aspect of writing or the business of writing. Here’s the upcoming ones:
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For Forensics Students: A Story Breakdown

Amanda C. Davis recently blogged about the success of a post doing a breakdown of her stories for forensic students. It seems free forensic pieces are in demand for students looking for something to use.

In that spirit, here’s a breakdown of some of my stories that are both short enough to be read with a minimum of trimming and available online for any forensic students, speech class students, or other performers looking for something to read. Because I’ve got a lot of stories, I’m still working through the list and I’ll continue adding stuff as I go. For the complete list, see my publications page.
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