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I’m trying Patreon: I’m about to spend six months on the road and I thought I’d try an experiment to use up the backlog of short stories I’ve accumulated and see what works better: traditional publishing or this model. Stories … Continue reading

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Bring Me Back!

That’s right. One of the stretch goals for the Women Destroying Science Fiction kickstarter is a special issue where I get the chance to destroy fantasy. AND there’s one for an issue of Nightmare where Ellen Datlow destroys horror.
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Advice on Writing Mentors

One of the things that sometimes comes up when talking to new writers is the question, “How do I acquire a mentor?” There’s a glazed and desperate look in the eyes of each querier, and sometimes a bit of professional jealousy, because occasionally we see people in positions where we’re not convinced they really should be, and an easy explanation is that a mentor’s personal pull helped get them there.
Well, maybe.
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Wheeeeee! World Fantasy Convention, Here I Come

Many, many congrats to everyone on the ballot, and particularly Clarkesworld Magazine, whose amazing staff better deserves to win the category I’m in, as does Charles Tan, who’s done an awesome job with the Bibliophile Stalker website. There’s lots and lots of names whose presence is well-deserved, but particular shouts out to Lily Yu, the inimitable Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, Karen Joy Fowler, and Ken Liu.
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The Million Writers Award – 2012

The Million Writers Award, which is a cool award for online fiction, is open for nominations until April 9. If you’ve got a favorite story that appeared online this year — yours or someone else’s — go nominate it! Continue reading

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“The Immortality Game” (http://www.fantasy…

"The Immortality Game" (http://www.fantasy-magazine.com/new/new-fiction/the-immortality-game/) made it onto the Locus Recommended Reading List along with a whole bunch of more illustrious stories. Locus Online – posts from Locus Magazine » 2011 Recommended Reading List

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News as Of the Beginning of April, 2011

The Forbidden Stitch has appeared on 10 Flash. I believe “Bots d’Amor” will be appearing soon in Abyss & Apex and “The Immortality Game” in Fantasy Magazine. Scott Andrews mentioned he’s thinking of using the Beneath Ceaseless Skies piece, Love Resurrected, as a podcast. Continue reading

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