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Let’s Retain ALL the Rights!

One of the questions being raised repeatedly on a discussion board I participate on is the question of electronic rights. Should a magazine be able to buy a story and display it on their website in perpetuity without additional payment? Does it make a different whether or not it’s behind a paywall? If there’s no additional payment, when should rights revert? What happens with something like an anthology that is in electronic form and hence won’t go out of print the way a hard-copy edition does?

I’m presuming that most people reading this know that normally when you “sell” a story to a publication, what they’re actually buying is the right to publish it in a particular form. You, the author, retain any rights not spelled out in the contract. You can (and I encourage you to) sell the story again as a reprint, and you may want to look at forms like audio or in another language.
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News and Classes

Right now I’m running a special on the online Writing F&SF Stories class that’s starting this Saturday, December 1. It is six Saturday mornings, 9:30-11:30 AM PST. I’m also offering an early sign-up rate on January and February classes. Pay by December 15 and get the early rate. It’s been fun planning this round and trying to come up with some new and interesting stuff as well as repeating the successful classes. So here’s the list: Writing F&SF Short Stories, Editing 101, Flash Fiction Workshop, Literary Techniques in Speculative Fiction, Building an Online Presence for Writers, First Pages Workshop, (new class) The Art of the Book Review, and (new class) What You Need to Need About Electronic Publishing.

Want more details about the classes? You can find descriptions, dates, and costs on the Upcoming Classes page, where you can also sign-up to be on the mailing list!
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Recent Links and News

Bryan Thomas Schmidt put together this developmental editing checklist for novels after the first session of my online editing class. (Details on the next time the editing class will be offered.) I guest blogged on the Dark Continents website about … Continue reading

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Review: The Late American Novel

(Todd Vandemark passed this along in the hopes I’d have something to say about the book. I did.) In The Late American Novel: Writers on the Future of Books, editors Jeff Martin and C. Max Magee have collected a number … Continue reading

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