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Classes: Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Publishing

Got a class coming up Sunday that I wanted to tout a bit, since there are still openings. One of the ways I figure out classes is by paying attention to what questions come up over and over again in the Writing F&SF class. Enough people were asking about all sorts of aspects of electronic publishing that we could run a day long session on it.

Instead, Tod McCoy of Hydra House and I are going to try to cover some basics over the course of a two hour session, including questions like this: Continue reading

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Adventures in E-Publishing: First Book is Out!

Well, the first of the mini-books is out, HALLOWEEN QUARTET. (Non-Kindlers, don’t despair. I’m working on the Smashwords version today.)

The description: A quartet of short horror stories by fabulist Cat Rambo. Follow the mystery of “Whose Face This Is, I Do Not Know,” weep with “Niobe in the Rain,” enjoy a spoof on reality TV with “So Glad We Had This Time Together,” and fear the ancient forces exposed in “Pumpkin Knight.”

If you check out the Amazon listing, feel free to click that Like button or agree with some tags…
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Editing Fiction Collections

This month one work item is putting the near-sf and far-sf collections together for e-publication. This morning, I got the near one assembled in a Word doc, made a formatting pass, and added about a third of the afternotes. Here … Continue reading

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