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Advice for Attending a Writing Workshop

A student wrote in to let me know they’d made it into Odyssey, huzzah, and asked if I had any advice about attending a workshop. As a matter of fact I do. Like many things in life, you get more out of a workshop if you’re willing to invest a little effort beforehand, during, and afterward.

I went through a number of workshops in college at both the undergraduate and graduate level, but the place where I learned the most was Clarion West, a six week workshop in Seattle. My instructors were Octavia Butler, Andy Duncan, L. Timmel Duchamp, Connie Willis, Gordon van Gelder, and Michael Swanwick; my classmates included Ann Leckie, E.C.Myers, Rashida Smith, and Rachel Swirsky, among others. If you read a lot of F&SF, you may recognize many of those names and realize how incredibly privileged I was to be part of that year.
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Coming Up Next For the Rambo Academy

Yay! So much new stuff for the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers. Let’s start with this shiny thing: a calender! That you can click on and see events like classes, upcoming readings, and convention appearances! So awesome!! So what’s coming … Continue reading

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Live Classes for April through June 2017

Here’s the latest roster of live classes for the Rambo Academy of Wayward Writers, with links to descriptions. Info that you may want to know: Logistics: Classes are taught online. You need internet connectivity and a microphone at a minimum; … Continue reading

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Coming Up This Weekend: How to Avoid Infodumps and WTF Do I Do Now?

At least, those are my mental tags for the two classes. The first is Description and Delivering Information, and it’s how to get what you need on the page while avoiding big clumps of information and as-you-know-Bob that make a reader stumble and fall right out of the story.
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Reminder About Upcoming Flash Fiction and Idea to Draft Online Writing Classes

Time is fleeting, and December is rolling along. Here at the writing retreat I’m on this week, I’ve finished one story and a couple of flash pieces and am well on the way to finishing up “Carpe Glitter”. I hope … Continue reading

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Stuff about New Classes

I’m in the process of planning my next round of classes, and I’d like some input.

People have requested something to take after the Writing F&SF Stories class, and I’ve been thinking about a masterclass/workshop. This would rely primarily on workshopping stories from students and would only be open to advanced students.
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First Pages Workshops in November and December 2012

People have been asking about the First Pages workshop, and I’m pleased to say I’ll give two more before the end of the year.

For folks who don’t know what that is, you bring the first 500 words of your novel, and we do a session talking about what your pages are promising for the book overall, problems that you might want to address, suggestions for further development, and marketing advice for when you’re ready to send your manuscript out. This is the class that people have raved about in the past, so I’m excited to be running it again.
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Final Version of the Postcard

So I wanted a postcard to put on con giveaway tables advertising my classes because I’m always trying to scare up new students. I know that once they take one class, they’re very likely to take more from me, which really pleases me, but the trick is getting them into that first one. Yeah, it's not particularly pro looking, but the colors are bright and pretty, so perhaps a few people will be intrigued enough to pick it up. Note that the postcard itself trims some of the edge off, so what you see here is not entirely representative of the final result.
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Writing F&SF Class Coming Up

I’ve got a new round of classes coming up this week and still have slots open in all three sessions. One is Wednesday nights, the second Thursday nights, and the third Saturday morning. All are taught online – all you … Continue reading

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News about Classes for the Rest of 2012

Please pass this information along to your social networks if you knpow anyone who might be interested in an online class in writing, editing, or social networking for writers. I’ve just been wrestling with my calendar in order to update … Continue reading

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