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Power Word Real Name: Upping Your Game with Names and Titles with Cat Rambo

Your character usually has more than one name, using nicknames, aliases, titles, and more. How can you use this to flesh out both your world and your character, and how can your title take your fiction even further? Join Cat … Continue reading

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Stories That Change Our World: How to Write Hopepunk with Cat Rambo

Join Cat Rambo for a workshop in which she addresses a question of pressing importance in today’s world: how do we craft stories that inspire, encourage, and above all, shape the future by teaching? How do we use writing to … Continue reading

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Punk U: The Whys and Whats of Writing -Punk Fiction with Cat Rambo

Cyberpunk. Steampunk. Dieselpunk. Solarpunk. Splatterpunk. Hopepunk. Monkpunk. And more. Is it meaningful to add -punk to a genre name or just a marketing maneuver? What do the tenets behind the punk music movement add to the various genres it’s influenced? … Continue reading

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Principles for Pantsers with Cat Rambo

Some people outline. Others don’t. There’s plenty of advice on how to do the former, but those who practice the latter sometimes feel that they’re floundering, and no one’s providing any principles. Working with my own process as well as … Continue reading

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Beginnings and Endings with Cat Rambo

Beginnings are sometimes the last thing a writer finishes, and they must lead gracefully into a work that ends with the same sense of panache. In a class that combines lecture with in-class writing exercises and discussion, learn how to … Continue reading

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Writing Your Way Into Your Novel with Cat Rambo

The process of novel-writing varies greatly, but one thing is always true: a butt must go into a chair and the words must be written. Come find out how to get past sticking points through a combination of lecture and … Continue reading

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Rewriting, Revising & Fine-tuning Fiction with Cat Rambo

Students have found that learning to trust their editing skills has made them more productive when producing early drafts. This class combines lecture, discussion, and in class exercise to help you develop a rewriting practice tailored to your own particular … Continue reading

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Creating an Online Presence for Writers with Cat Rambo

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Learn how to create an online presence that lets readers find you while not disclosing private information or spending all your time tweeting. Lecture, in-class exercises, and discussion all help … Continue reading

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Story Fundamentals with Cat Rambo

A compressed version of the six-week workshop, this single-session class covers basic story structure, characters, blocking, setting, and submitting work. You will do some writing exercises in class, but most of the time will be spent on lecture and discussion. … Continue reading

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Literary Techniques for Speculative Fiction with Cat Rambo

This class combines lecture, discussion and in-class writing exercises designed to introduce a number of techniques to use in your own writing such as foreshadowing, alliteration, rhythmic device, allusion, etc, and ways to test them out in short fiction as … Continue reading

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