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Your Online Presence: Is It Fun At Parties?

I’ve updated my book, Creating an Online Presence, and it’s part of this Storybundle of writing books. Since the Internet moves at the speed of pixels, I had a lot of work to do with the update, and it included adding a few essays. Here’s one of those additions, talking about how you present yourself online.
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Creating An Online Presence Now Available for More E-formats

Huzzah! Thanks to the patient labor of Tamara Vining, there’s now plenty of options up on Smashwords, including epub, mobi, pdf and online.

If you’re not familiar with the book, it’s based on my online class, and tries to go through basics of creating and maintaining an online presence for writers. It includes what you need on a website, how to effectively use social media, how to find readers via social media, what free resources and tools are available to writers (and how to use them most effectively), whether it’s worth it to pay for online advertising, and, most importantly, how to promote yourself online without using all your valuable writing time to do so. Because the writing always comes first.
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