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9 Speculative Stories for Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! I wanted to put together a list of some of my F&SF stories featuring queer characters that I particularly love. “Every Breath a Question, Every Heartbeat an Answer” is a story that appeared this year in Beneath … Continue reading

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Documents of Tabat: Spinner Press Advertisement

Advertisement plastered on Spinner Press’s reading wall: Bella Kanto’s most notable adventures, now available in a special omnibus edition of the Tales of Kanto! Color plates include portraits of Kanto in both Winter’s armor and standard Arena gear. Edition includes: … Continue reading

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Teaser from the Current WIP

Honestly, I have no idea what this thing’s title is anymore. But I’ve been working on the beginning today. Some of you will recognize the pov character as the gladiator Bella Kanto, although this is the first time I’ve tried first person with her. I like it. Anyhow, here you go.
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