Cat For Hire

Let Cat’s word-crafting shape sentences, paragraphs, and even lengthy documents on your behalf! Put Cat’s 20+ years of writing and teaching experience to work for you in the form of a fiction or website critique or even a workshop. Find out why Laird Barron called her, “a formidable presence among contemporary fantasists,” and Andy Duncan declared, “I am inspired, these days, by Cat Rambo.”

Writing credits include Asimov’s, the Escapist, Huffington Post, the Onion A.V. Club, and Weird Tales, while editing experience includes short stories, novels, and web copy. Teaching experience includes Johns Hopkins, Indiana University, Bellevue College, and the King County Library System.

Fiction critiques:

  • Short story: developmental edit $50; line edit (line by line word/grammar suggestions) $50
  • Novelette, novella, novelrama: developmental edit $100; line-edit $150
  • Novel (60k or more, rates are per 100k): developmental edit $500; line-edit $750
  • All services available in poem form for an additional fee.

Blog/website critiques:
Critique consists of a 500 word write-up that discusses your website or blog’s current structure and organization, its search ranking and strategy, how you might use it more effectively, how you might be using social networks, and directions you might want to take it in. $100 (not offered in poem form)

Classes can be tailored to your needs, but the usual duration is marked in individual descriptions.

  • Blogging and Social Networking 101: Covers basics of planning, creating, promoting, and maintaining a blog. Can be adapted to focus on a specific grou’s needs, such as personal bloggers, small business bloggers, or income-seekers.(4-6 hours total, preferably 2 sessions)
  • Sudden Fiction: Flash fiction is a great market for new writers. Participants will create 2-4 pieces of flash fiction and discuss markets and creative practices for continuing to produce flash fiction. (1 session, 2-3 hours)
  • Writing F&SF: The basics of writing fantasy and science fiction. Class covers writing process, developing good writing habits characters, plot, setting, formatting, researching and submitting to magazines, finding an agent and more in a mix of lecture and writing exercises. (6 sessions, 3 hours each)