Making New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s Some Help

Want to seriously step up your writing game? To help you in achieving your goals in the next year, the Rambo Academy presents a huge sale on all on-demand online writing classes for fantasy and science fiction writers. They are $5 through midnight, January 1.

These classes are aimed at people who want to sharpen their writing skills in a particular area, such as description or plotting, or try out a new genre like steampunk, hopepunk, or mystery writing. Some classes are designed to help with a writer’s career, such as podcasting. Please spread the word if you know someone who might be interested!

Here’s the list of on-demand online writing classes that are on sale for $5:
Character Building Workshop
Description & Delivering Information
Dunking Your Reader in the Details
Epistolary Fiction with Jamie Lackey
Getting Your Pod On: Podcasting for Writers with Alan J. Bailey
Literary Techniques for Genre Writers
Moving From Idea to Finished Draft
Old Stories Into New with Rachel Swirsky
Power of Words: Linguistics for Writers with Juliette Wade
Reading to an Audience
Rewriting, Revising and Fine-tuning Your Fiction
To Space Opera and Beyond with Ann Leckie
Writing Flash Fiction
Writing in the Cracks
Writing Interactive Fiction with Kate Heartfield
Writing Steampunk & Weird Western
Writing Your Way Into Your Novel

Or if you don’t want to click through to pick them all up, here they are in one $99 bundle. (Be aware this is not the cheaper option but reflects extra work on teacher payouts that this bundle requires.)

This special sale is only good through midnight, January 1, 2021 and won’t be repeated again till next Christmas, so if you want these classes to help you achieve your 2021 ambitions, book them while you’re thinking about it. 😉

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