First Pages Workshop

Caren Gussoff and Cat Rambo at Emerald City ComicCon., Seattle, 2014.

Two instructors ready for new pages.

Next class is Saturday, February 17, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific Time.

Provide the first 500 words of your novel. After reading it aloud, Cat and Rachel Swirsky will critique and discuss it in a way that will be helpful with the overall work as well as talking about agents, and editors and how important the first page is when engaging them. More than one student has declared this was the single most useful workshop they’ve ever had.

Classes are taught online via Google hangouts and require reliable Internet connection, although in the past participants have logged on from coffee shops, cafes, and even an airplane; a webcam is suggested but not required.

To register for this class, mail me with the following details:

  • The email address that you use for Google stuff
  • Which class or classes and the dates
  • Remind me if you have already taken a class with me so you can get the former student rate ($79). Otherwise the cost is $99.
  • Whether you would prefer to pay via Paypal, check, or some other means.

Upon receiving that, I will send you an invoice.

Important! Remember every class has a Plunkett scholarship for students who could not otherwise afford the cost. To apply for a Plunkett, mail me and tell me why you want to take the class in 100 words or less.

Testimonials and Notes

  • This is an awesome little class! It was so very useful to sit in on a session with two editors and see what they are looking for in a selection of first pages. It pointed out several issues of my own, including passive voice, establishment of narrator and POV. If you are considering submitting your work soon, this is the class to take! -Sarah Hendrix
  • I’ve sat in on a con panel of this class without Louise Marley, but did not submit any first pages. Cat addresses both what is working and what isn’t and exactly why in an encouraging yet direct way. When I have some first novel pages I am taking them to Cat and Louise! -Danielle Gembala
  • The First Pages Workshop with Cat Rambo was lively this morning. I’m sure we ALL learned something! -Louise Marley