Faculty – Rebecca A. Demarest

Headshot of Rebecca A. Demarest.Rebecca A. Demarest (she/her) is an award-winning author, book designer, and writing instructor living in Seattle. She is the author of the books Less Than CharmingThea of OzPit Stop, and Wavefall, as well as short stories and plays featured on NPR, with the Seattle Play Series, and many more. She has taught with the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, the Museum of Popular Culture, Clarion West, and DigiPen Academy, and runs games and game master skills classes with the Emerald City Game Masters Guild.

For more information on her writing, please visit http://rebeccademarest.com and for more information on her classes, coaching, and Girl Scout badge workshops, please visit http://speculativecraft.com.

Rambo Academy classes include:

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