Faculty – Paul Weimer

Photo of Paul Weimer.An ex-pat New Yorker living in Minnesota, Paul Weimer has been reading SF and Fantasy for over 30 years and exploring the world of roleplaying games for over 25 years. Almost as long as he has been reading and watching movies, he has enjoyed telling people what he has thought of them. An avid blogger, his work has appeared at places like Tor.com, the Skiffy and Fanty show, SF Signal, Nerds of a Feather, and SFF Audio podcasts.┬áIf you’ve spent any time reading about SFF online, you’ve probably read one of his blog comments or tweets (he’s @PrinceJvstin).

Find out more about Paul, including his photography and travel adventures, on his website, or follow him on Twitter.

Rambo Academy classes include:

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