Faculty – James L. Sutter

Picture of James L. Sutter, one of the creators of Pathfinder and Starfinder

Photo credit Elise Koncsek.

James L. Sutter is a co-creator of the Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Games, and a former Creative Director for Paizo Publishing as well as former Executive Editor for the Pathfinder Tales novel line from Tor/Macmillan.

James is the author of the novels Death’s Heretic, ranked #3 on Barnes & Noble’s Best Fantasy Releases of 2011 and a finalist for the Compton Crook Award for Best First Novel, and The Redemption Engine, which won the 2015 Scribe Award for Best Original Speculative Tie-in Novel. In addition to a wealth of award-wining tabletop gaming material, he’s also written comics, video games, and essays and short stories for such publications as Escape Pod, Apex Magazine, Queers Destroy Science Fiction, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and the #1 Amazon bestseller Machine of Death.

Cover of the Starfinder science fiction roleplaying gameWhen not writing or editing, James has performed extensively with various bands and other musical projects ranging from punk and progressive metalcore to folk and musical theater. He lives in Seattle in a shared house named Mooncastle.

His website is here. Follow him on Twitter as @jameslsutter.

His Rambo Academy classes:

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