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Six Slippery Sins: Good Advice That Goes Astray with Kay Kenyon

March 20 @ 9:30 am - 11:30 am PST

Sometimes what we think we know just isn’t true. This class considers how sometimes “common knowledge” about writing can deaden our writing or be misleading. We’ll take a fresh look  at the advice to start the story fast; inner demons as a basis for character arc; the problem of tears at sad moments; flashbacks, dialogue and more. We’ll search for the deeper truths suggested by, or obscured by, fiction maxims.

This class is distilled from the many beginner manuscripts I’ve read in my longish career, and inspired by the gasps that some of my novel-writing students emit when I contradict seemingly unassailable writing advice. But sometimes it’s worth questioning common knowledge. The advice I’m going to question is slippery; it’s not always wrong, but often misused.

Instructor: Kay Kenyon. Limited enrollment (15); scholarships available. 

See class details here for more information and to enroll. 

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