Class: Writing Queer Characters from History

Writing Queer Characters from History
Next class date is Saturday, January 4, 2020, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific time.

These days we often hear people complain that the inclusion of queer people in historical fiction is “unrealistic.” As much fantasy fiction is set in versions of the past, the same charge gets leveled at it.

Of course, such a claim is ridiculous. We can trace the existence of queer people back to Sumer and the early days of human civilization. We can also find them in tribal cultures all around the world. However, modern gender and sexual categories do not map neatly on the ancient world. Terms such “homosexual” and “transgender” are modern inventions and aren’t necessarily useful to understand how ancient queer people would have understood themselves.

This class will present some real stories of queer people from the past, and show how a modern understanding of gender and sexuality can be used to help craft believable (and yes, realistic) queer characters in historical fiction. It will also provide examples, from Mary Renault to Marlon James, of authors who have used historical research to bring queer people from the past to life.

Join Cheryl Morgan for a workshop on writing queer characters from history.

Classes are taught online and require reliable Internet connection, although in the past participants have logged on from coffee shops, cafes, and even an airplane; a webcam is suggested but not required. They are recorded for the benefit of class members only.

Cost is $99 ($79 for former students, which includes classes/workshops with me in other venues, such as conference or convention workshops and mentoring sessions).

To register for this class, send an email with the following details:

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Free scholarships: If you cannot afford a class but really want to take one, apply for a Plunkett Scholarship. Each class has three slots reserved for such students, and the sole criteria is only that you can’t currently afford the class. To apply for a Plunkett, which covers the entire cost, mail me and tell me why you want to take the class in 100 words or less. QUILTBAG and PoC candidates are especially encouraged to apply. The Plunkett Scholarships are named for Edward Plunkett, who wrote as Lord Dunsany. Scholarships are given out on a rolling basis; I suggest getting them in sooner rather than later. You may apply for multiple classes.

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