Cat in Other Languages

Amid the Words of War
Revista SRSF, 2013. (Romanian)
Alfa Eridiani, forthcoming. (Spanish)

Clockwork Fairies
Hayakawa’s SF Magazine, 2012. (Japanese)

The Coffeemaker’s Passion
Robot, forthcoming. (Italian)

The Dew Drop Coffee Lounge
26to50, 2009, translated by Takashi Ogawa (Yoshio Kobayashi). (Japanese)

The Dead Girl’s Wedding March
26to50, 2009, translated by Takashi Ogawa (Yoshio Kobayashi). (Japanese)
REVISTA AXXON, March, 2010. La marcha nupcial de la niña muerta. Translated by Graciela Lorenzo Tillard y Silvia Angiola. (Spanish)

Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain
Algernon, 2013, translated by Rauno Parnis. (Estonian)
Nova Fantasia, forthcoming. (Galician)
Revista SRSFF, 2013. (Romanian)

Revista Nautilus, 2013. (Romanian)

I’ll Gnaw Your Bones, The Manticore Said
PEVNOST, forthcoming. (Czech)
BLI PANIKA, 2009. (Hebrew)

Kallakak’s Cousins
ESLI, September 2008. (Russian)
ANTARES, Kalakakovi rođaci, November, 2009. Translation by Dragana Ličina. (Serbian)

Logic and Magic in the Time of the Boat Lift (with Ben Burgis)
26to50, forthcoming. (Japanese)

Magnificent Pigs
TROCHU DIVNE KUSY 3, 2008. (Czech)
REVISTA AXXON, 2009. Cerdos magnificentes (Spanish)

The Mermaids Singing Each To Each
IKARIE, forthcoming. (Czech)
HYPERPULP, forthcoming. (Portuguese)
SF MAG, forthcoming. (Hungarian)
AXXON, July, 2011. Las sirenas cantandose entre si. Translation by Claudia de Bella. (Spanish)

Ms. Liberty Gets A Haircut
LA IDEA FIJA, 2012. (Spanish)

LA IDEA FIJA, September, 2014. (Spanish)

REVISTA AXXON, January, 2008. Maldad (Spanish)

  • Yoshio Kobayashi

    Hi Cat,
    Although our sceme to sell your collection to one of our publishers is not yet working, we’ve already published your “Dew-Drop Coffee Lounge” and “Dead Girl’s Wedding March” on our site and recently we’ve persuaded Hayakawa to buy your “Clockwork Fairy” for their SF Magazine in their “Steampunk” special issue, which I’ll edit.
    Best Regards,