Where I’ll Be: GenCon 2023

Looking forward to GenCon in August; here’s my schedule:


13:00-13:50 Panel GCWS – Editing: Revising for Ableism
E.D.E. Bell (mod+), Diana M. Pho, Cat Rambo, Dedren Snead
Ballroom 3

15:00-16:50 Panel GCWS – Workshop: Systems of Magic; How to Use Your Magic to Enrich Your Worldbuilding
Cat Rambo
Ballroom 1


10:00-13:50 Panel GCWS – Workshop: Story Fundamentals; How to Write Short Stories
Cat Rambo
Ballroom 2

16:00-16:50 Panel GCWS – Signing: Cat Rambo and Brandon O’Brien
Cat Rambo, Brandon O’Brien


10:00-10:50 Panel GCWS – Writing: Queernormative Writing
E.D.E. Bell (mod+), Brandon O’Brien, Cat Rambo, Dedren Snead, K.B. Wagers
Ballroom 4

13:00-13:50 Panel GCWS – Career: Handling Book Releases, Session 3
Cat Rambo (mod+), E.D.E. Bell, Dedren Snead, Gregory A. Wilson
Ballroom 2

15:00-16:50 Panel GCWS – Workshop: Twenty Types of Terror – Exploring Horror Subgenres in Fiction and Games
Cat Rambo
Ballroom 3


10:00-10:50 Panel GCWS – Writing: Using Story Structure Models
Jerry Gordon (mod+), Jennifer Allaway, Tracy Hickman, Cat Rambo, R.R. Virdi
Ballroom 2

11:00-11:50 Panel GCWS – Tech: The Ethics of AI-Written Prose
Anthony W. Eichenlaub (mod), Mary Fan, Jerry Gordon, Brady McReynolds, Latoya Peterson, Cat Rambo
Ballroom 2

I’ll be organizing some sort of group breakfast for Patreon/Discord members; details will be posted on Discord.

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I am a science fiction and fantasy writer and editor. My three collections of short stories are THE SURGEON'S TALE AND OTHER STORIES (with Jeff VanderMeer), EYES LIKE SKY AND COAL AND MOONLIGHT, and NEAR + FAR (forthcoming this September).
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