Guest Post: Pick up the Pride Storybundle

Pride StoryBundle 2022 is No Longer Available

Betsy Miller, Thinking Ink Press

Thanks, Cat, for having me as a guest on your blog. It’s great to have the opportunity to share the news. The Pride StoryBundle includes a wonderful variety of queer science fiction and fantasy books! You can no longer get this bundle but I encourage you to find the individual authors.

How it works

When you buy the Pride StoryBundle, you decide how much to pay. If you pay the full price or more, you get all the books in the main bundle, plus the books in the bonus bundle, and Rainbow Railroad receives a donation. Rainbow Railroad helps LGBTQI+ people escape state-sponsored violence. You can also pay less and only get the main books in the bundle—you’ll still be supporting indie authors and publishers, which is much appreciated!

Origin story

Author Melissa Scott founded the first Pride StoryBundle in 2017. Author and publisher Catherine Lundoff joined the effort in 2019, and they’ve both been curating and organizing the annual Pride StoryBundles ever since. Thank you, Melissa, Catherine, and Jason Chen at StoryBundle for your ongoing commitment to supporting the LGBTQI+ community!

When Thinking Ink Press was invited to participate in this year’s Pride StoryBundle with one of our books—The Hereafter Bytes by Vincent Scott—well, there was no question in our minds that we wanted to be part of this! We’re in good company as you can see by the list of books in this bundle.

What you get

In the main bundle:

  • We’re Here, eds. C.L. Clark & Charles Payseur
  • The Adventure of the Incognita Countess, Cynthia Ward
  • The Language of Roses, Heather Rose Jones
  • Lord of the White Hell, Ginn Hale
  • Sanctuary, Andi Buchanan

In the bonus bundle:

  • Foxhunt, Rem Wigmore
  • Unfettered Hexes, ed. dave ring
  • It Gets Even Better, eds. Isabela Oliveira & Jed Sabin
  • Water Horse, Melissa Scott
  • Friends for Robots, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor
  • The Adventure of the Dux Bellorum, Cynthia Ward
  • The Hereafter Bytes, Vincent Scott
  • Pangs, Jerry Wheeler
  • Sea of Stars, Nicole Kimberling
  • Depart, Depart! Sim Kern

Want the bundle? Click to buy now!


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