Where I’ll Be: Storming the Confusion, 2019

Photo of Seattle airport on a rainy night

Seattle, coming home one night

ConFusion will always have a very special place in my heart because it was the first convention to invite me as a Guest of Honor. Michigan in January may be chilly, but I can count on a warm reception there with some awesome people whose company I enjoy, and a con full of memorable moments. This will be my first time back in a long time, but I’m looking forward to the convention, which is always dense with both writers and friends. I started to list names of people I was looking forward to seeing, but there are too many of them. I’ll just say LOTS.

Thursday – GoH Dinner


3 PM, Erie A Pro Writer’s Guide To Consultants
Cat Rambo (M), Richard Shealy, Dan Stout, Michael R. Underwood, Dan Wells
There are a wealth of consulting services available to professional writers these days, including paid editing, sensitivity reading, marketing and social media consulting, and career coaching. What can these consulting services offer to trad and indie authors? When are they a good investment, and how do you vet and choose providers?


Booked for Breakfast

10 AM, Ontario The Trouble With Susan (and Donna, and…)
Marissa Lingen (M), Navah Wolfe, Karen Osborne, K. Lynne O’Connor, Cat Rambo
Many beloved genre stories don’t treat their female characters well. Our genre is full of stories that punish female heroes with debasement and tragedy and unhappy endings, either implying or stating outright that the heroines with whom we identify were too ambitious for their own good. How do we reconcile our love for these stories and characters with the poison pills that come with them? Can we keep loving stories that don’t love us back?

1 PM, Erie What Computer Programming Can Teach Us About Writing
Annalee Flower Horne (M), Pablo Defendini, Jennifer Mace, John Chu, Cat Rambo
Writing code and writing fiction may not seem to have a lot in common at the sentence level, but writers and programmers have to manage a lot of the same challenges. Come learn how to apply tools from software development, such as agile development, technical debt management, and code review, to the fiction writing process

3 PM Erie Autograph Session
Meet your favorite authors and get your books signed! Limit 3 items per person, please.
Stop by my table to say hi and get a kittywumpus temporary tattoo!
Ada Palmer, Angus Watson, Anthony W. Eichenlaub, Cat Rambo, Diana Rowland, Dyrk Ashton, Jason Sanford, Joe R. Lansdale, Josef Matulich, Keith Hughes, Lucy A. Snyder, Mackenzie Flohr, Mark Oshiro, Michael R. Underwood, Mur Lafferty, Stacey Filak, Tracy Townsend


9 AM Patreon supporter and student breakfast; mail Cat for details

12 PM, Rotunda, Reading: Cat Rambo, Lawrence M. Schoen, Jeffrey Chapman

1 PM Allen Park, The Evolution of Fandom
Jackie Morgan (M), Brian Bay, Cat Rambo, Julie Winningham, Patrick Nielsen Hayden
The only thing that stays the same in fandom is that it continues to change! How has it changed for the better, and how do we think it will continue to change?

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