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beachartThe year rockets along, this year of up and down and up and down, full of passed milestones and potholes: a first novel, other people’s cancer and dementia, the SFWA presidency (somehow both achievement and affliction all at once), old dysfunctions resurrected, and sundry fears and worries slithering around at four in the morning.

One of the bright spots has been teaching, and I’ve been enjoying taking the live classes and converting them into on-demand content. So far, I’ve done:

  • Literary Techniques for Genre Writers – This was the first class I converted, and I know I’ll be going back to it to redo pieces as well as to expand it with the content from the Lit Tech II class I’m working on.
  • Reading to An Audience Workshop – I’m happy enough with it for what it is: a thorough primer on how to prepare and give a reading, but I’m going to be reworking it to include podcasts and bringing in co-author Dave Robison to expand that content (at which point the price will go up to match the other classes, I believe, so if you’re interested in it, this is a good chance to lock in the lower price.)
  • Character Building Workshop for Genre Writers – So pleased with this one. It’s considerably expanded from the live version, it has a ton of writing exercises, and it covers (almost) everything I wanted to cover.

So here’s a question. What workshop should I focus on converting next? Here’s the options.

  • Beginnings and Endings: This is a new class, so I could work on the on-demand version while finishing up the notes for the live version.
  • Creating an Online Presence for Writers: I need to go through and update material, which is a year out of date, the equivalent in Internet years to a decade or so, and to do it within the next couple of weeks before the class, so I’m leaning strongly this way. I’ve been picking at this task a little, mainly with research that really only adds to the work by discovering new work items. This would also be a good one to focus on since I need to get the book version of this redone and out in hardcopy as well as electronic this time around.
  • Description and Delivering Information: This seems like it will involve some work, but it’s also a really fun class, and I’ve finally got access to some of the books I wanted to draw on, now that we’re in the new place and almost completely unpacked.
  • Flash Fiction Workshop: One factors that will slow this particular conversion is that I need to write to some people and ask about reprinting their work and figure out a reasonable payment/contract for that.
  • Moving Your Story From Idea to Draft: This is a fun class to teach, but a lot of that is done on the fly, so there’s a chunk of writing to be done in this adaptation.
  • Re-telling and Re-Taleing: Another new class, this one co-taught with Rachel Swirsky.
  • Rewriting and Revising: I think I want to restructure the on-demand version of this, so a student can start the module with a story they want to work on in hand and then go through the rewrite process step by step instead of the current way I have the class exercises structured.
  • One of the smaller workshops that I’ve done in the past, like Blocking and Pacing or Submission Basics. Tod McCoy of Hydra House and I will be working on an on-demand version of the Electronic Publishing Basics class we offered a few years back.

Got a preference or opinion? Tell me what I should teach next.

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