What SFWA Membership Offers You

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A chance to hang out with interesting people is one perk of SFWA membership.

I’m in the process of assembling a SFWA resource that lists what, exactly, SFWA provides its members, which to my mind is a pretty substantial list. I tried to break it down according to the SFWA Mission, “SFWA informs, supports, promotes, defends and advocates for its members.” That’s a broad umbrella but the organization’s been around for fifty years, and it lives up to that mission.

It seemed to me it’d be useful to have something that people can point to. I’ve added a couple of things suggested on the SFWA discussion forums, but I know I’m overlooking some. If you have suggestions, glad to hear them.

What SFWA Membership Offers

Informs you by:

  • Hosting the website and discussion forums
  • Distributing the Forum, SFWA’s members-only publication
  • Publishing The Bulletin, SFWA’s public publication
  • Providing model contracts and other useful information on the SFWA blog
  • Providing sample contracts for SFWA qualifying and other markets in the members-only section of the website
  • Maintaining the SFWA Member directory
  • Supplying a wealth of reading in the SFWA Fiction forums, as well as some guidance from fellow members in the Nebula Recommended Reading List.

Supports you by:

  • Administering the The Emergency Medical Fund
  • Providing networking opportunities, like the annual NY reception, events at conventions, and the Nebula Weekend
  • Working to support diversity and anti-harassment efforts
  • Supplying and stocking the SWFA suite at Worldcon
  • Providing a SFWA table or booth at events like the Baltimore Booth Festival where members can distribute promotional material, sell and sign books, and participate in programming
  • Letting you recommend, nominate, and vote for the Nebula and Norton Awards
  • Providing a community of fellow professional genre writers
  • Presenting an opportunity for interesting and useful volunteer work

Promotes you by:

Defends you by:

Advocates for you by:

  • Making recommendations to government on copyright and other publishing issues
  • Providing a presence at STEM events
  • Raising the profile of the genre with the yearly Nebula, Norton, Solstice, and Grandmaster Awards
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