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Day Three in Costa Rica

Day Three here, so I thought I’d describe what it’s like. We’re renting a condo that overlooks the beach, towards the northwest end. The place is great, and there’s a balcony that is literally bigger than our living room back home. We share it with a tiny lizard that is living in the drapes in the living room.
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WIP: Carpe Glitter

Today I have been writing! Costa Rica is fabulous, and we’re enjoying Jaco. Walked out for breakfast this morning and later on to the super mercado for groceries. My high school Spanish is, luckily, coming back in leaps and bounds. … Continue reading

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Reading for the Road

Last night in North America for a while. Here’s some of the books I’ve packed onto the Kindle. Jeff VanderMeer’s ANNIHILATION and AUTHORITY. Carol Beg’s DUST AND LIGHT. Several free books in Spanish, including DONA PERFECTA. QUANTUM ENGIMA by Brice … Continue reading

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Travel Update, Mid-August

Huzzah! We drove across America and it was an awesome trip, with lots of visits with good friends and relatives. Today we head off to NYC for a few days, after some time with the godkids, and sometime next week we head off to Costa Rica, where we have a lovely place on the beach secured for a month and the price is great because it’s rainy season. I’ve been practicing my Spanish and getting ready.
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