Convention Report: SteamCon 2013

Steampunk Superwoman, Batwoman, and Poison Ivy. Taken at Steamcon.

One of the joys of SteamCon is the wealth of costumes. These lovely ladies were at my last panel, the one on cryptozoological expeditions. Supposedly there was a steampunk Wonder Woman there too, but I never spotted her.

Lisa Mantchev described it best when she Tweeted: I’ve never actually been run over by a Zamboni full of glitter, but that’s what it feels like after a really great convention.

That’s how SteamCon was. I arrived Friday afternoon for the Steampunk Reimagines Fairy Tales. This was a writing-focused panel, and I’d like to see future SteamCons make a wider space for a writing track, since this was jam-packed with attendees. Lisa Mantchev was our excellent moderator, and J.R. Boyett, a fellow participant in the FairyPunk project, was another panelist. We talked about how to create stories that best take advantage of the steampunk setting, without making it seem as though you’re just gluing a gear on it.

Later that evening, I had the first of my three panels on Victorian explorers. This was the best of them, because it focused on women explorers, and that’s an area I am reasonably well-read in, because I love some of those stories so much. That session included moderator Carmen Beaudry, Lori Edwards and another exquisitely garbed woman whose name, unfortunately, I didn’t catch. It was AWESOME and we all had a lovely time. I’ll mention some of the names we touched on, and urge you to go look these ladies and their amazing stories up: Harriet Chalmers Adams, Gertrude Bell, Isabelle Eberhardt, Mary Kingsley, Annie Smith Peck, May French Sheldon, and Lady Hester Stanhope, among many others.

Saturday was two more panels on expeditions, first one with Joshua Merrill-Nach on Great Quests of the 19th Century and later one on cryptozooological expeditions with a last minute substitute panelist whose name I know only as “Sean,” unfortunately, but who was terrific. Both panels were pretty full, the second one standing room only.

Sunday morning, I read from “Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart” to a small but select audience that included the fabulous Sandra M. Odell. And then I made one last pass through the wonders of the dealer’s room and retreated home. Adieu glitter and goggles!

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  • Joshua Putnam
    • Cat Rambo

      What a fabulous picture!! I am so sorry I missed her, that is an awesome costume.

    • James David Wagner

      I am actually in that photo….just not visible. My wifes arm is visible just behind the woman in the grey coat on the far right hand side of the photo. My wife has a pink coat over her arm.We were in line for the Brian Kesinger signing. I was very taken with super girls costume. Very cool.

      • Joshua Putnam

        If you were there, you probably saw me — my wife wanted to be Dorothy, so of course I was the Tin Man.

        • James David Wagner

          Unfortunately I did not see you. That is a brilliantcostume. I am guilty of constructing costume pieces mostly from plastic. All of the time and effort that went into so many of the costumes at steamcon made me want to learn some new skills.ti

  • Rachel Renee McBain

    We were pleased to attend! Thank you for a wonderful reading.

  • Carmen Beaudry

    I’m so happy to have had you on the women adventurers panel. I think we could have told stories for hours.

  • Michael Edwards

    I think the missing panelist is Ruth Margo Lowes.