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Teaser from The Threadbare Magician

Nearly done with this, it’s hovering somewhere between novelette and novella length. Thank you to Mary Robinette Kowal for suggesting the title.
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Putting Your Work Through the Mill: The Submissions Grinder

As a follow-up to Sylvia’s guest post about Submitomancy, I asked David Steffen, who’s working on a similar project for a Duotrope replacement, to write about his Submissions Grinder. Here’s David:
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Submitting with Submitomancy

Recently, Duotrope’s announcement that it was going paid caused some stir among speculative fiction writers. One of the results has been to create some new alternatives. I asked Sylvia Wrigley to guest post about her new system, Submitomancy.
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Class Notes: The Art of the Book Review

The first session of this class went well! Nisi Shawl was a terrific guest speaker.

In talking about reviews, we talked about good reviews and what they do. Here’s the notes from that. Continue reading

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Creating an Online Presence for Your Group: Some Basic Steps

Trying to set up an online presence for your group or organization? Here’s some basics to think about.

One: Include a blog on your website that has new content on a regular basis.

This first step is key to a better social media presence, because it influences your search engine rankings. Better search engine rankings draw more traffic to your site, as do good keywords, and if your blog features information about the group, it’s pretty much guaranteed to have the appropriate keywords.

Establish realistic criteria for “regular”: daily? weekly? biweekly? What can you actually expect to do?
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