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This is a dauntingly long list of links, I know. It’s my handout for the Blogging and Social Networking 101 class, which is finishing up tomorrow, but I’ve added the links that I’ll be talking about in class while walking people through the basics of using social networks.

If you want an example of SEO in action, take a look at the links and the titles, since the majority of these were created by writers with an interest in SEO. Notice that most of the URLs are made of search friendly words, rather than numbers. Many of the titles take the form phrase:phrase, in order to maximize the keyword juiciness.

General Social Media Resources
Facebook Resources
Google+ Resources
LinkedIn Resources
Pinterest Resources
StumbleUpon Resources
Twitter Resources
SEO Resources
Google Analytics Resources
Youtube Resources
Promotion Resources
General Blogging Resources
Social Networking and Blogging News Resources


Mentioned in class:
Comparing the top five social networks:
Comparing the social networks:
Way to shorten URLs and monitor which are being reshared:
Way to check your name on social networks:
Way to look at your social media presence:
Social Media and Privacy: Best Practices for Maintaining Your Personal and professional Identities:
Cartoon History of Twitter and Social Networking:

10 Social Media Mistakes We Bet You’re Making:
10 Things Social media Marketers Should Know about Millennials:
Best Free Social Media Tracking Tools:
Five Myths About Pushing Social Media Marketing Content:
How to Actually Become Friends with Social Network Connections:
How to Crack the New York Times Popularity Code:
What Social Network is Right For You? (2010):
Winners and Losers of Social Networking:

Food for Thought:
Fantabulous Lists of Social Media Case Studies:
Google+ discussion of Wal-mart’s use of social media data:
How governments are using social media:
Innovative Uses of Social Media:
On Social Media, Most People Don’t Want to Be Heard:
Six Verbs You Need to Understand for the New Web:
What Social Commerce Can Learn From Social Gaming:
Why Social Accountability Will Be the New Currency of the Web:
3 C’s of Social Networking: Consumption, Curation, Creation:
5 Social Good Sites Aimed at Youth:
How 3 Cities Are Crowdsourcing for Revitalization:
5 Innovative Food Truck Social Media Marketing Campaigns:
25 Terrific Social Media Infographics:


Mentioned in Class
Facebook News:
How to Facebook:
Facebook Page Guidelines:
Facebook Privacy Tools:
What You Cannot Do On FaceBook:
(Example) Cat Rambo on Facebook:


Best 11 Facebook Promotion Apps:
Difference Between a Page and Profile on Facebook:
How to Avoid a Facebook Photo Tagging Disaster:
How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps:
How to Optimize Your Brand’s Facebook Page for Search Engines:
How to Stop Facebook from Posting Recent Activity to the News Feed –
More Americans Are on Facebook Than Have a Passport:
Why You Need Facebook’s Like Button on Your Site:


Mentioned in class:
Google+ Cheat Sheet:
Mashable’s Complete Guide to Google+:
Google+ Privacy Settings:
(Example) Cat Rambo on Google+:

Useful Information:
5 Chrome Extensions for Google+:
5 Ways Journalists Are Using Google+:
Google+ as a Professional Communications Tool:
Google+…minus Women, Kids, and Businesses:
How to Integrate Google+ into Your WordPress Site:
How Google+ Ends Social Networking Fatigue:
Is Google+ a Bigger Threat to Twitter than Facebook?:
The Mounting Minuses at Google+:

Food For Thought:
Controversy over Google+’s insistence on using real names:
Who is Using Google+ and How Often:
Why Google+ Kicked Out William Shatner:

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business:
100 Ways to Use LinkedIn:
LinkedIn Best Strategies for Businesses:
(Example) Cat Rambo on LinkedIn:


7 Dos and Donts For Pinterest:
10 Creative Ways To Use Pinterest for Marketing:
Pinterest Etiquette:
Why Does Google Think Pinterest is a “Extraordinary” Problem Solver?:
Is Pinterest the Next Facebook?:
(Example) Cat Rambo on Pinterest:


Background and Statistics:
StumbleUpon Drives More Than 50% of Social Media Traffic
The New Wave of Personalization and Who is Joining the Game
StumbleUpon Sent 700M Pageviews To Other Websites in December, Is Growing 20% Monthly
StumbleUpon Sponsored Stumbles vs. Google Adwords
(Example) Cat Rambo on StumbleUpon:

4 Ways To Increase Your Traffic with StumbleUpon
8 Tips for Going Viral with StumbleUpon
An Addict’s Guide to StumbleUpon
How to Drive Website Traffic with StumbleUpon
How to Get StumbleUpon Traffic
How to Use StumbleUpon for Your Business: The Definitive Guide
The Secret to Getting Highly Targeted Traffic From StumbleUpon
Use StumbleUpon to Drive More Traffic to Your Website
Using StumbleUpon to Drive Website Traffic


Mentioned in class:
Backing up Tweets:
BrandTweet Statistics:
Schedule updates:
Share pictures:

Useful Information:
5 Reasons Why You Should Be on Twitter Even If You’re Already on Facebook:
5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter:
5 Twitter Metrics Beyond Follower Count:
5 Ways to Stand Out on Twitter:
14 Tools of Highly Effective Twitter Users:
Are Twitter Chats Part of Your Social Media Strategy?:
Are You Extending Your Tweets? Then You’re Missing The Point:
Documentary about Twitter:
Happy Fifth Birthday, Twitter:
How to Boost Your Google Rank with Twitter:
How to Join a Twitter Hashtag Chat:
Radio Shack’s Twitter Campaign:
Secrets to Getting 50,000 Followers on Twitter:
Three Tips for Writing a Killer Twitter Bio to Get Targeted Followers:
Top 10 Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs (2010):
Tweeting Often and On Weekends is More Effective:
Tweet Volume Influencing Search Position on Google:
Twitter 101: Why Use Hashtags?:
What to Do (And What Not To Do) If You Regret a Tweet:
What Twitter’s Good At, In Light of Google+:
What’s In a Name: Twitter Was Almost Called Jitter or Twitch:
Why Should Be Part of Your Twitter Strategy:
Why Google+ Won’t “Kill” Twitter:
Why Some Twitter Hashtags Take Off and Others Fail:
Why You Can’t Ignore Your Twitter Background:
Why You Need to Create a Tweet Schedule:


Mentioned in class:
Keyword resource:
Free tools for SEO analysis/marketing on your website:,
Way to see how search engines see your site:

Beginners Guide to SEO:
SEO Basics:
Search engine ranking factors:
Keyword investigation:
Conversion Tweaks:
Dirty Little Secrets of Search Engine Optimization:
Get Ahead with a Grasp of Semantic Web:
Google’s Cat and Mouse SEO Game:
How Google Makes Its Billions: the 20 Most Expensive AdWords Keyword Categories:
How Will Google+ Affect SEO?:
Intelligent Site Structure For SEO:
Keyword Discovery Tips:
New Google Search Algorithm Update Targets Web Spam:
Penguin Analysis: SEO ISn’t Dead But You Need To Act Smarter (And 5 Easy Ways to Do so!):
SEO Copywriting: The Five Essentials to Focus On:
SEO Higher Learning:
Shoestring Budget SEO Tips For Small Businesses:
Sitemaps XML format:
Tutorial: Web Information Retrieval:
Website Optimization: The Art of Making Websites Awesome:
What Social Signals Do Google and Bing Really Count?:
Will Google+ Affect SEO?:
5 Easy Ways to Boost SEO:
5 Free Tools for Keyword Research:

Google Analytics Lessons:
Google Analytics Web Channel: ttp://
Tutorial on Determining Social Media ROI:
Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest:
Maximizing Visitor Retention with Google Analytics:
Web Analytics Demystified:

How to Embed a YouTube video in a WordPress post:
How to Get Started Marketing on YouTube:
How to Market Yourself on YouTube:
Partnering with YouTube:
Video Creators: 7 Ways to Make Money on YouTube:
(Example:) Cat Rambo on YouTube:

4 Reasons To Use Contests:
How to Write a Press Release:
Getting People to Take Action:
How Timothy Ferris Hit the Amazon Bestseller List:
Social Media Contest and Promotions Best Practices:


Mentioned in class:
How to Start a Blog
Find Images to Use and Reuse with the Creative Commons Search (Yahoo):
How to Use Content From Other Blogs Without Infringing on Their Copyright
How to find out who owns a domain:
5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang:
8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers:
8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content:
10 Amazing WordPress Plugins For Flickr:
21 Killer Ways to Increase Your Influence Online:
125 Tips For Building an Irresistible Brand:
Essential Blogging Tips:
Figuring Out Your Niche:
How I Got 6000 RSS Subscribers in 12 Months:
How to Become a Blogging Superstar:
How to Embed Practically Anything on Your Blog:
How to Run a Newspaper Using WordPress and Google Docs:
Man’s Head Explodes in Barber’s Chair:
Mobile Design: Websites vs. Apps:
Start With a Question: How to Write a Blog Post that Engages Your Readers:
Starting a Blog From Scratch: One Blogger’s Tale:
The Truth About Blog-to-Book Deals:
Write Epic Shit:
Where To Find Original, Local Stories Online:

Places to Find Blogging and Social Networking News:

All Facebook –
All Twitter –
Blogging Pro –
Daily SEO Blog –
Mashable –
Search Engine Watch –
Social Times –
Techcrunch –
Techmeme –
WordPress News –
WordPress Planet –
Cat’s links –

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