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The Million Writers Award – 2012

The Million Writers Award, which is a cool award for online fiction, is open for nominations until April 9. If you’ve got a favorite story that appeared online this year — yours or someone else’s — go nominate it! Continue reading

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Cat’s Norwescon 2012 Schedule

Here’s Cat’s schedule for Norwescon. Highlights: I’ll be reading from “So Glad We Had This Time Together,” which originally appeared in APex Magazine, teaming up with Ken Scholes for a first pages workshop, and sitting in on panels about discovering your inner idea mill, radical politics and sci-fi, and the best online markets for writers. Continue reading

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Notes From Michael Stackpole’s “How To Write a Novel in 21 Days”

These are my notes from the presentation at MidSouthCon 30, 2012m which was great. I suggest taking it from Michael rather than using these notes, which are a poor substitute at best. You can find the CD on his website. That said, here are the notes. I should say that they’re less about how to write a novel in 21 days than how to plan a novel in 21 days through a series of exercises intended to increase knowledge of character, world, and plot. Continue reading

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This will be the first blog post ever done on the iPad, so excuse both brevity and typos. MidSouthCon is great and everyone is super friendly. Yesterday I had a panel on con etiquette (really, it all just boils down … Continue reading

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Recent Links and News

Bryan Thomas Schmidt put together this developmental editing checklist for novels after the first session of my online editing class. (Details on the next time the editing class will be offered.) I guest blogged on the Dark Continents website about … Continue reading

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Clarion West Book Bloggers

I asked on the CW Facebook group about Clarion West alums and other CW peeps who blog about books, because it seemed like a useful list to have, and I’ve posted it over on the Horrific Miscue – Seattle Branch … Continue reading

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The Easter Bunny Must Die, Part 22

If you’re starting from the beginning, I suggest going here. CHAPTER TWELVE Death stood up from her/his throne. Click. Clop. Click. Clop. The sound of his/her footsteps coming down the steps toward me. The pig, only a few inches away, … Continue reading

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Books of Mars

Hey, if you’re a fellow Kindle-r, I found out today while looking that the five first five of the Mars books (aka Burroughs’ Barsoom novels) available for free in e-form, including the one the movie John Carter of Mars is … Continue reading

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Transitions and Shifting POV in Fiction

So the title of this looks like I’m going to talk about something useful, but actually, I’m pretty much going to gush about Joe Abercrombie’s writing. I hadn’t read anything by him, but was at Confusion last January and had enough people recommend his writing (and watched a writer I admire go total fanboy when confronted with Joe) that I picked up THE HEROES to try it out and was immediately blown away.
Continue reading

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Upcoming Classes Through June

I’m in the process of adding a section on the website that permanently lists what’s coming up – it will be here and currently holds a duplicate of the info in this post. Please pass the URL to this link … Continue reading

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