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The Last Week of 2011

It’s the last week of 2011, a year that has, like most of them, had its good and bad moments. I remain hopeful about the future, and glad to be in this world, and I look forward to seeing what … Continue reading

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If I did an editing class, what sorts of…

If I did an editing class, what sorts of things would people want to know? Here's some things that occur to me, but I'd like to know what else would be useful. – How magazines work and what an editor … Continue reading

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Little Gifts and Small Contentments

My phone camera was dead, so Wayne took this picture of the cool present the universe put on the car this morning for me. Isn't that beautiful?

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Class Notes – Week Two

We talked last week about story shapes and arcs as well as what gets set up in the beginning of a story. This week we talked about characters and dialogue, and how the first shapes the story. One of the … Continue reading

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A Whole Mess of Kindle Reading for Under $20

Holy cow. Kindles are selling, selling, SELLING. So, uh, if you're looking for something of mine to read on your Kindle, here's some suggestions. Lightspeed Year One – For $5, you get not just two of my stories, but everything … Continue reading

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Seven Tips To Make Your Workshop Submission Better

It’s the time of year when people are contemplating submissions to workshops like Clarion, Clarion West, Odyssey, Taos Toolbox, and a myriad of others. Here’s seven tips to help with yours.
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Writing Progress Is Always Good

Had a short short story, aka flash, appear this morning and shape itself while en route to coffee. Just finished writing it out, although the last line needs a lot of sharpening. Huzzah for starting the day with a new … Continue reading

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To Write Short Stories, Read Short Stories

I find that when I read short stories, more short stories of my own come to me and I believe Delany when he says that you can’t write anything better than the best stuff you’re reading. Here’s ten of my most accessible favorites, mostly speculative fiction, but with a few lit writers in there as well.
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Things learned from teaching online so far…

Things learned from teaching online so far: 1) Checking all the tech stuff ahead of time really pays off.2) The nigh-paralyzing sensation of being on video wears off and is gone by the second time.3) The chat window is super … Continue reading

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Tracking Story Submissions

Part of today is going to be spent sorting through my spreadsheet of what stories are out where and getting stuff out. That’s one of the really tedious things about being a writer – all the paperwork.

So how do I track submissions and figure out where to send them?
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