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SteamCon Itinerary (October 14-16, Bellevue Hyatt Regency)

Itinerary for the 2011 SteamCon! A reading from The Moon’s Accomplice, Writing Steampunk For Fun & Profit, The Time Machine, Rustproof Steampunk, The Hollow Earth: From Verne to Poe and Beyond Continue reading

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Friday Link Salad 9/17/11-9/24/11

Links compiled over the course of the week of September 17 through 24, 2011. Continue reading

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Recent Reading

I’ve read some great stuff in the last month or so, and wanted to point to some books that I thought people would particularly enjoy. Works read include Amanda Downum’s The Drowning City and The Bone Palace, Gemma Files’ A Book of Tongues, and the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay.
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Response Times and Professional Magazines

Yesterday I withdrew a story from a market because we were starting to near the one year mark, and the couple of queries I’d made all got the usual “It’s in the queue, we’re swamped, just a little longer” reply. I don’t mind waiting a little longer, but I do mind when it gets used to keep you going for months. So that’s cool, and no hard feelings over them having sat on it a while. But here’s the reply I got regarding the withdrawal.
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