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Recent Appearances and News

A recent acceptance to Clarkesworld, brief words about Norwescon 34, story up at Daily Science Fiction, Locus Roundtable discussion of awards, off to Penguicon in a couple of days! Continue reading

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Notes from the Supernatural Seattle Panel, Norwescon 34

Notes from the Supernatural Seattle panel, Norwescon 34, April 28, 2011. Participants K.C. Ball, Julie McGalliard, John Pitts, Cat Rambo, Kat RIchardson. Questions discussed include What makes Seattle particularly well suited to writing speculative fiction set in it?, What landmarks of Seattle lend themselves to spec-fic writing?, and What works other than your own are set in Seattle? Continue reading

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Notes from the Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction 2010 Panel, Norwescon 34

Works mentioned in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction 2010 Panel, Norwescon 34, Seattle, Washington, April 22, 2010. Participants: Lou Anders, Brenda Cooper, Gordon Van Gelder, Cat Rambo, Sam Sykes. Continue reading

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WIP Snippet: Five Ways To Fall In Love on Planet Porcelain

Over the years, Tikka’s job as a Minor Propagandist for the planet Porcelain’s Bureau of Tourism had come to shape her way of thinking. She dealt primarily in quintets of attractions, lists of five which were distributed through the Bureau’s publications and information dollops: Five Major China Factories Where the Population of Porcelain Can Be Seen Being Created; Five Views of Porcelain’s Clay Fields; Five Restaurants Serving Native Cuisine at Its Most Natural. Continue reading

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Another Spring Picture

Picture of spring tulips. Continue reading

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What I’m Teaching At Bellevue College, Summer 2011

I’ll be teaching two classes at Bellevue College this summer. The first is a one day workshop called Sudden Fiction, in which we’ll be talking about and writing several examples of flash fiction. The second is the Blogging and Social Networking 101 class, which runs two sessions. Continue reading

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Penguicon Schedule 2011

Here’s my schedule for Penguicon, where I’m a Nifty Guest this year. Continue reading

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Norwescon 34 Schedule

Here’s my schedule for Norwescon 34. I’m looking forward to it, particularly the chance to see my friends. Panels include “The Year’s Best Fiction,” “Supernatural Seattle,” “Has the Future Arrived? The E-book and the Publishing Industry,” “First Pages” (fiction workshop), “Writing Good Dialogue,” “Flashes of Brilliance – Writing Flash Fiction,” “Bad Writing, No Cookie” and a reading on Sunday at noon. Continue reading

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Snippet from the Current WIP

It was Fish Day at Archie McPhee’s. In another kind of store, Fish Day might have signaled a sale on salmon or fresh herring. Here in the novelty store, against a backdrop of bins filled with rubber eyeballs and plastic beetles, it meant the appearance of the enormous Wheel of Fish. Continue reading

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Stats for March

Very little writing writing done, but the second to last and much of the last read-aloud pass done for the current manuscript. Lurking in the background is the sequel, which is halfway drafted. One 6k word story finished. 2 galleys checked; 18 queries sent; 3 reviews written; 2 stories rewritten; 6 submissions; 2 reprints appeared; 4 job apps; 1 unsuccessful interview because recruiter had misrepresented my experience; 2 guest blog posts written. Plans for April: Crank on sequel, keep freelancing where possible (HelloSeattle, mainly). I have two manuscripts I need to finish notes on and three reviews to write. I’ll be at Norwescon April 22 through 24 and at Penguicon in Troy, Michigan, April 29-May 1, where I am a “Nifty” Guest. Continue reading

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